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SmartRackPat.Pend. System

The SmartRack Pat. Pend. pump control system is designed to optimize the filling of barrels used for storing and aging spirits and wines.

Picture of SmartRackThe operation of filling barrels with relatively high flow capacity liquid pumps creates a high potential for overfilling the barrels and this causing spillage and loss of product. This spillage also creates a potential for spoilage organisms, especially when working with wines.

The SmartRackPat.Pend. System is essentially a pump control system with remote start/stop capabilities. An additional advantage for using the SmartRack Pat. Pend. Control System is to allow the cellar technicians to fill more barrels in a short time thus saving valuable manpower that can be utilized more efficiently elsewhere.

Due to the fact that the majority of winery, brewery & distillery equipment operates on three phase power, the control system is designed to operate on three phase electrical power as well as single phase power.

A major feature of the SmartRack Pat. Pend. System is the special solid state sensor that senses the presence of the pumped liquid and halts the pump operation at a precise pre-calibrated level in the barrel prior to overfilling. The only requirement is that the operator maintains or holds the sensor tube vertically at the desired filling position. 

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 SmartRack Calibration & Leak Test Demonstration 

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